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A Concern about Potter’s Clay

March 11, 2011

I have no desire to undermine the intentions and ministry of Potter’s Clay, especially as they’re leaving today to do ministry in Ensenada. I will be praying that their time there will be edifying and constructive and that they will be kept safe in their time there. However, and I’m sure this has been asked before, have we really thought through the wisdom of having hundreds of Christians descend year after year to the same location and providing services without a clear objective or end goal? Westmont has been going on for over 40 years, but it’s not just us– tons of churches in the United States go there regularly as well.  When so many of us go down to spend a week doing rapid construction jobs and playing soccer with the kids, are we really helping the locals create a sustainable economy, or is this more about us?

Again, I’ve never been on Potter’s Clay and I don’t want to undermine the huge amount of work that students have put into planning such a massive trip.  I’ve heard many testimonies from people who’ve went and have had their lives changed by the experience.  I also have a lot of respect for the the relationship we’ve been able to build with Ensenada with our consistency and loyalty.  However, I hope that people have really researched this and are able to objectively evaluate what’s best for the locals of Ensenada, and that we really have a goal and aren’t just continuing tradition for tradition’s sake.

… overwhelmed by the footage of the devastation caused by the earthquake/tsunami in Japan

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